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In 2003 after several tests including two nuclear MIBI scans, they inject a radioactive dye into your bloodstream so they can take continuous pictures of the blood flowing through your heart. I was diagnosed with blockages to my heart, coronary artery disease, arteriosclerosis, it goes by several names. Surgery was scheduled but it was postponed, and I was put on a waiting list, or so I thought.

In the mean time I discovered supplements and natural solutions. Shortly after I broke my neck in a car accident and my life’s path was altered again. 
Over a long recovery I continued to take the supplements and changed my diet, lots of healthy smoothies as I was limited in movements.

About two years later I had recovered to a point where I cold start physical therapy. But I needed approval from my cardiologist with whom I had lost touch. When I called him up he was shocked as somehow my name had not made it to the waiting list. He apologized profusely and scheduled emergency surgery as he was surprised I was still alive. In preparation he sent me for another nuclear MIBI scan, and the test came back negative, no blockages.

The only explanation I can think of is the lifestyle changes and supplements which claimed to have chelation properties worked. Over the months I notice my urine had a strange smell, and a darker color. When I talked to the manufacturer of the supplements he told me that is the dissolved cholesterol exiting my body. All I know is all my previous symptoms were gone, and aside from a broken neck, I was given a clean bill of health. Its now 2021 and coming up on October my 18th anniversary of my diagnosis, and I am still taking the supplements for maintenance jsut in case, and I am still symptom free.

If you got this far thank you for your patience. 🙂
John Klevinsky



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