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I was a computer engineer, on call day and night for computer network issues. I had a few bad encounters and decided to give it up for a while and returned to contracting for new construction. As I got things rolling I started getting leg cramps in the night, waking up in severe pain in my calf muscles. I started getting chest pains, heart palpitations, head rushes. All of which my doctor attributed to stress, and returning back to all the things that come with building contracting, on your feet all day, up and down stairs and ladders. In 2003, I passed out on the stairs of one of my building projects, and after several Heart stress tests, followed by Myocardial Perfusion Imaging test (MIBI), also known as a nuclear stress test. They use a small amount of a radioactive tracer that mixes with your blood. A special gamma’ camera takes pictures of your heart to measure blood flow, showing areas of the heart that aren’t getting enough blood and how well the heart is pumping. The MIBI takes place on two separate days. It examines blood flow through your heart during exercise on the first day and at rest on the second day.

While I was spared an actual heart attack thanks to my fore-persons calling an ambulance, I diagnosed with coronary artery, heart disease.I was scheduled for bypass surgery, but had to cancel the day before. I was then relegated to a waiting list. My cardiologist told me to not strain myself, not to work, take daily aspirin – acetylsalicylic acid (ASA)-, and keep my nitro spray handy. While waiting for my surgery to be rescheduled I was led to a health food store owner who recommended dietary supplements to use to stave off a possible heart attack. He claimed the supplements would clear out my arteries, and reverse my heart disease.

I remained on the supplements for a few months, but I was self employed as a contractor with no insurance to speak of, so I returned to work. Months later I grew impatient with a late delivery of five gallon pails of latex drywall primer, and paint for a mansion I was working on. The driveway was not built yet and it was just a slippery hill of mud. Without thinking I grabbed a pail of primer in each hand, they only weigh about 65 lbs, 5 gallons of latex paint weighs about 60 lbs. And I walked them down the long driveway into the basement, and was on my third trip when my foreperson Chanelle came out and started yelling at me for straining myself. I realized I wasn’t out of breath, dizzy and had no chest pain. I don’t know when as I wasn’t really tracking, but over the months all my previous symptoms of chest pain, cramps in calf muscles at all times during the night, heart palpitations had gone away one by one. Shortly after that I broke my neck, after about two years I went to start physical therapy, but was told I needed to clear it with my cardiologist first.

I called up my cardiologist who apologized profusely, after digging up my file he said my name had never actually made it to the wait list for surgery. He took me right in, scheduled emergency surgery saying I was lucky to be alive after all this time. A few days before my surgery I went in for another MIBI to see how far the blockages had progressed to give him a guide. The day after he called me to his office, he examined me humming and hawing, took my blood pressure, went back several times to look at my original MIBI and the latest one, then finally said the latest MIBI was normal, all the previous blockages were clear. I told him what I had done and the supplements I took, but he didn’t even want to look them up. He just said to keep doing what I was doing and call him if symptoms returned. Otherwise I didn’t need him anymore. 2021 and I am still symptom free. I stopped the supplements every day, but take them a couple times a year for a month or so as maintenance

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